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The JM24 PROJECT North Florida BOX
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Regional Pride for a Great Cause!

New For FALL 2018!


We are proud to offer what so many have asked for!  REGIONAL TEAMS for NCAA Division II, III and MCLA Recruitment teams led by top level high school and college coaches. Affordable and for a great cause!  ALL PROCEEDS go to JM24 at the Veterans Day Invite in Palm Coast, FL.  Practice with your team at weekend camps with MLL and college guest coaches.  College Recruiting workshops for players and parents.

The JM24 Project difference:

  • All inclusive, no hidden fees
  • Reversible and the event cost included.
  • 3, double session team practices 
  • Top Recruiting event for NCAA and MCLA
  • Led by NCAA coaches and COACHED by them
  • All for a great cause, JM24
  • $399 for the ENTIRE fall program. Not a typo, $399.
  • Easy travel to CHARLOTTE, NC; no costly flights needed.


We will be attending:

The Charlotte Fall Classic

October 27th, 28th, 2018

$399 Covers ALL Fees, plus tournament fee.  Reversible Included.  All PROCEEDS donated to The JM24 Foundation at the FULC EPOCH MLK KICK-OFF, January 2019.


TEAMS for Fall 2018:


U19:   St. Augustine Head Coach David Ott and Ponte Vedra Coach Chris Polanski

U17:  Coach Brian Theiss of Providence and Mandarin Head Coach Henry Montgomery

Face-offs:  FPC Coach Rob Ford and PV Coach Hunter Forbes


The Panhandle Gulf:


2019/20- Coach Earle McAuley, Gulf Breeze High School


The Schedule for Fall 2018

FREE Team Placement Confirmed By (Coach Invite):


Team Camps:

Team Camp #1:  August 25th 11-1, 2-4

Team Camp #2: September 15th 11-1, 2-4

Team Camp #3:  October 13th 11-1, 12-4


Program Info and Director

For more information, please contact:

Brian Theiss, Director



Breakdown of Costs for Fall JM24 Project

Fee:  $399

Includes:  EVERYTHING!  Individual Travel and Lodging NOT included.

Our 2018 Fall Event:

The Project

On Monday December 14th 2015, John Michael Night, only 17 years old, suffered a devastating brain stem stroke leaving him in what is medically referred to as Locked-In Syndrome (LIS). JM has played for many club teams in Florida and was a regular member of the PV Sandgnats Team.

With Locked-In Syndrome the patient is fully aware with no mental impairment, but sadly cannot move his body or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in the body except for the eyes…

Bottom line is John Michael has been dealt a horrible card to say the very least!

Immediate, intensive, and ongoing rehabilitation is critical to achieving the most optimal outcome.

Just two weeks before his stroke, he signed a scholarship to play D1 lacrosse at Mercer University. This was the moment he always dreamed of and highlight of his young life… the reward for years of dedication and hard work on/off the field.

John Michael and his family are facing a super long and financially taxing road ahead. They need your help and support to provide their son the very best chance at a full recovery.

We’ve already been told that insurance will cover only a very small portion of the immensely costly rehabilitation needed. Sadly, insurance won’t cover the endless and ongoing support, care, and rehabilitation needed for John Michael’s lengthy recovery process.

We have all the confidence in the world that John Michael will do his part to fight like a true warrior and we so desperately want to do our part in giving him every chance and opportunity to succeed.

We know he will be a true inspiration to other brain stem stroke patients and any person or athlete going thru a traumatic life-changing event!

ALL money raised will go directly into a designated recovery fund and only for John Michael’s rehabilitation.

This is why we suit up; for JM24 and one of our own.

Please feel free to follow John Michael’s progress on the Caring Bridge website located here:

Thank you for all the love, support and prayers for John Michael!