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Fall 2018 Schedule and Travel Information

Fall Session #1 2018

Gnats are Back after an Amazing Summer!!

We are excited to announce our fall plan for NORTH FLORIDA'S top travel lacrosse club! We believe in OUR community and doing what's best for it.  We have an ever-evolving model focused on developing our athletes to reach and exceed their potential and believe this has been proven with the long 10+ years of Ponte Vedra area lacrosse dominance of North Florida.

Lock in your spots now:


Things that separate the Gnats from the rest of the South:

-Professional and experienced coaching staff with at least 2 dedicated coaches per team

-Proven history of elite college caliber player development

-We DO NOT “win at all costs”.  We are committed to winning the right way, not the easy way.

-Local competitive and affordable events

-Streamlined communication so no one is left wondering

-All practices led by High School Director, ensures continuity between youth and high school programs allowing for easy transitions.

- WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR LESSONS!  WE PRACTICE through AUGUST 1st, no extra fees or Crazy "Group" practice charges.


Each team will be assigned AT LEAST one experienced adult coach with playing and/or coaching experience. As well as, highly experience current or recent player college player.

In addition to the assigned coaches, all practices will be overseen by multiple members of our High School Staff to ensure continuity and provide additional assistance.  All youth staff will be led by Coach Chris Polanski


Outlined below


This fall, we will have teams at each of the following age groups.  How many teams will be dictated by the numbers at tryouts.  If we have multiple teams per age group, we will have an “A” and “B” style team selection.

Each team will be HARD capped (21 for U14 and U12, and 15 for U10)

U14, U12 and U10, U8 if enough interest.

** WE DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE ANY PLAYERS BEHIND.  We believe in developing our entire community as a whole.  We will have practice players on case by case basis. These slots are reserved for players who just missed the cutoff point and are of similar skill to rest of the team.  We will also have a developmental group for those looking to continue learning and need a little more focus on the basics**

Costs and Fees:

YOUTH/HS - Upon receiving invite, you will be required to complete the following:

$499 YOUTH

$649 HS

**Tournaments are included for members, we charge for our practices and Fall Membership ONLY.**


-The reversible and blue shorts are mandatory, everything else is optional.  These will last until the summer of 2020.  We will be using a 2 year uniform cycle.

Please review below for our fall/summer schedule.  ALL Events info and dates easily available below.


FALL Sessions 1- 2018 EVENTS

AGE LI FALL CLASSIC Pumpkin Veterans Orlando Open Jingle Brawl Turkey SO
AA X Optional X X X
A Optional X X X
14U Optional X X X ADD ON
12U Optional X X X ADD ON
10U Optional X X X ADD ON


Winter Session #2

Winter Session is an extra session to hone skills and prepare for the next level.  Practices and Skills Workshops plus events.


Event Schedule:

  • TBA
  • MLK Event in Palm Coast




Gnats on Inside Lacrosse

Read about your Gnats in the national news.


Uniforms are ordered through Zima Gear on a 24 month cycle.  You will not have to order uniforms every season.  That's a TCS Promise.